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Name:Ecological Water Permeable Pool Coping Paving Stones Brick Prices Raw material:Natural Super Clay Advantage: eco-friendly,economic,Good sound-absorbing effect
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What is Ceramic Paver?

Our water permeable paving bricks is made of the slag waste and the ceramics, mainly apply  in City Road, Sidewalk, Parks, Plaza, Public toilet etc. for its a lot of features such as good water permeability, water retention, slip-proof, noise reduction, weather resistance and repeated use etc.. 


Purpose of Water Permeable Bick?

In order to solve the problem of urban surface hardening and surface water seepage rate. Ceramic permeable bricks have a certain effect on maintaining the water permeability of the ground and maintaining the humidity of the ground. At the same time, the ceramic permeable bricks also have the characteristics of anti-slip, cold resistance, weathering resistance and noise reduction. It can be said that the ceramic permeable brick not only maintains the ecological balance of the city. At the same time, it is also a building material product that is in line with environmental protection.

Application of Water permeable Brick:

The application environment of ceramic permeable bricks can be widely used in municipal construction such as sidewalks, pedestrian streets, open parking lots, public squares, etc., and can also be applied to private areas such as houses and courtyards. Nowadays, urban development has over-exploited and disorderly use of groundwater resources, resulting in a drop in the groundwater level. In addition, during the rainy season, most cities in China will have internal problems, which will have a major adverse impact on the ecological environment and people's lives.

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