Paving Bricks For Urban Waterlogging

Paving Bricks For Urban Waterlogging

(1)Good water permeability
(2)Strong water absorption capacity
(3)Low carbon,environmental protection
(4)Eliminate smog
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Product Details

Ceramic Paving Bricks for Urban Waterlogging

Information of Ceramic Paving Bricks

Zhongjingtai ceramic water-permeable brick has the characteristics of maintaining the water permeability, moisture retention, anti-skid, high strength, cold resistance, weather resistance, noise reduction and sound absorption of the ground. This product uses waste ceramics as raw material, is formed by secondary fabric and is fired at high temperature. It is a new green environmental protection product; it is also an ideal product to beautify the city, improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents. This product is widely used in public building squares, urban roads, subways, stations, highways, villas, residential quarters, parks, art landscapes, courtyard decorations, etc. Zhongjingtai ceramic permeable bricks have passed the test of the National Quality Inspection Center. They are recommended products for key projects, recommended products for green building materials, and all performance indicators have reached or exceeded similar foreign products, with international leading level.

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Advantages of Ceramic Paving Bricks

Repeated recycling

In the urban construction, due to various reasons, the pavement will continue to have repeated construction. If the paved pavement uses ordinary materials (tar, cement, stone), these materials are generally said to be non-reusable, so not only increase the cost of municipal engineering, but also create a large number of Garbage and inevitably produce other pollution. If ZJT eco-ceramic permeable bricks are used on paved roads, even if there is repeated construction, due to the design characteristics of the products, it can be reused, reducing the waste of various resources in urban construction, and generating good economic benefits and society benefit.

Water retention

When it rains, it quickly penetrates and accumulates rainwater (60kg/m ́ or more) with the water storage foundation. Under the sun, it can slowly evaporate to reduce the surface temperature, so the vegetation is fully hydrated. Let the plants grow more lush, using ZJT eco-ceramic permeable brick paving the pavement, not only can beautify the environment, but also solve the urban rain problem, a large amount of rainwater can seep into the underground water storage, reduce the burden of urban drainage system, prevent the flood of urban rivers It also reduces pollution to public waters. At the same time, public facilities such as eco-ceramic permeable brick paved parking lots and pedestrian streets will not be able to walk due to stagnant water. It is the water retention of eco-ceramic permeable bricks, which can save part of pavement drainage facilities and reduce engineering costs in municipal construction during urban construction.

About us 

Xiamen Zhongjingtai Building Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production, specializing in the production and operation of ceramic permeable bricks. Zhongjingtai Ceramic Permeable Brick is a new environmentally-friendly building material product that our company has responded to with the strategic vision of the company in order to solve the urban "heat island effect", urban interior, hardening of the earth, creating a high-quality natural living environment and maintaining the urban ecological balance.

We have always advocated the development concept of “environmental protection, quality and service” and actively responded to the call of the national “sponge city” to create a high-quality green city living conditions.

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