Good Water Permeability Paver For Park

1.Automatic adjustment
2.Strong water absorbing capacity
3.High compressive strength
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Good water permeability paver for Park

Information of good water permeability paver

Xiamen Zhongjingtai Building Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production, specializing in the production and operation of ceramic permeable bricks. Zhongjingtai Ceramic Permeable Brick is a new environmentally-friendly building material product that our company has responded to with the strategic vision of the company in order to solve the urban "heat island effect", urban interior, hardening of the earth, creating a high-quality natural living environment and maintaining the urban ecological balance.

Functions of good water permeability paver

Water permeability

ZJT ceramic permeable brick has super-strong water permeability, its water permeability rate is above 20 (mm/s), more than twice the standard of similar foreign products, can cope with 60mm/h rainfall, use it to paving roads and squares, rainwater It can be quickly infiltrated to prevent urban waterlogging.

At present, land subsidence occurs in many cities. The main reason is that the groundwater is over-exploited. The ground is closed by cement and marble floors, which cannot be replenished in time. With the pavement of ZJT eco-ceramic permeable bricks, the rainwater can not only penetrate into the ground quickly, but also restore the natural water storage capacity, prevent the groundwater from depleting, and improve the living environment of the vegetation. Adjust the humidity of the atmosphere, purify the air, eliminate smog, and reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment. The restoration of the surface water circulation system has solved the problem of “urban heat island effect” to some extent.

Traditionally hardened road surface, due to heavy rain, a large amount of rainwater can not penetrate into the ground in time, so that a large amount of rainwater can be shunted through the city's limited drainage port in an instant, which is easy to block the drainage port, thus causing internal sputum. Zhongjingtai Ceramic Permeable Brick has high water permeability, its porosity is 30%, it is permeable to water, and the drainage volume is reduced.
Compressive, cold and weather resistant

Because ZJT eco-ceramic permeable bricks are pressed by super-tonnage presses and fired at high temperature, their compressive strength is≧6mpa, which is suitable for parking lots and ordinary lanes. Its cold resistance also meets national standards, and the freezing resistance value is -25℃. Even in colder places, the product quality will not change. In addition, ZJT eco-ceramic permeable bricks are also weather-resistant, and even if they encounter strong acid or alkali, the quality will not change, and it is most suitable for the harbor terminal.

Permeable Parking Area

Construction Way of good water permeability paver


Before the pavement is paved, the roadbed is fully rolled to ensure that the road surface is level.


After confirming that the road surface is flat, it is best to lay a 100mm thick gravel with a diameter of ≤40mm, and then compact it with a vibrating machine.

The thickness of the gravel layer is approximately 200 mm.


The nonwoven fabric is laid on the gravel. In order to prevent the separation of the soil layer, the non-woven fabric interface portion needs to be folded over 100 mm thick.


Paving 30-50mm buffer sand and fully compacting, then manually adjust the flatness and height of the buffer sand. (You can use ordinary river sand, the cost is lower)


The ceramic permeable brick is laid and fixed at a right angle formed by a horizontal line, and the reference line and the seam line and the horizontal line match each other. (If it exceeds or is less than ±3mm, it needs construction workers to adjust with rubber hammer)


Adjust the gap between the brick and the brick and adjust it along the horizontal line so that the bricks of all the bricks are sewn into a straight seam.


Spread the dry fine sand and sweep the gray sand evenly into the ash seam with a broom.


The paved ceramic permeable brick is pressed by a rolling machine, and the time is usually about 40 minutes, and the rolling is repeated 4-5 times. (It is important to note that before compaction, please attach a rubber protective layer on the roller to avoid damage to the surface of the ceramic permeable brick)


After cleaning, it is necessary to sprinkle water to solidify the brick joints, and avoid walking and rolling within six hours after construction. If it is rainy, it needs to be covered.

Water permeable, water retaining


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