Ecological Ceramics Water Permeable Paving

High Compressive Strength Good sound-absorbing effect Good corrosion and Weather resistance
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1: Cultural Characterstic: 

Clay brick is natural and environmental-protecting,clay brick buildings also show the cultural theme of natural environmental protection

2: Economy Characteristic: 

Brick buildings can witness history, bear centuries of wind and rain, so the initial investment being apportioned to long years can reflect its maximizing value .

3:Environmental protection:

With pure raw material shale, the brick is sintered in high temperature without glazed surface, and some products can be recycled and reused. 

4: High Compressive Strength:

According to the national standard minimum compressive strength value of standard floor materials is greater than or equal to 23 M Pa.Our products are exceeding the national minimum standards ,which can meet the requirements of fire exits.

5: Freezing and Thawing Resistance: 

In the case of water absorption up to 10%, porcelain tiles has all cracked by freezing and thawing for three times at -15 ℃ , but ceramic tiles cannot like this by freezing and thawing for 50 times at -45 ℃.

6: Anti-light pollution:

Ceramic tiles can refract more than 90% of all light and have very good effect on the protection of human eyesight and reducing light pollution .

7: Good sound-absorbing effect:

Because ceramic tiles are rich of fine evenly open pores of the whole body, so it can refract out all or part of sound waves and play a role of reducing outdoor noise and canceling indoor echo, so it must be an excellent material as creating good living environment for us.

8: Good corrosion and Weather resistance:

With the aggravation of industrial pollution, acid rain is more and more often, a lot of construction materials are eliminated because they can not accept this challenge. Natural manufacturing processes makes ceramic tiles contain only small amounts of chemical impurities, its internal structure is hardly affected by acid rain, other material cannot match with alkali corrosive resistance of clay.

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