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Product name: Concrete Water Permeable Paver Brick Function:Good Resistance to Acids, Rain Erosion Resistant. Package: Wooden Pallets With Plastic Films Cover.
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Product Details

Product introduction

Permeable brick is a new product of environmental protection building materials in the 21st century, which was born to solve the problem of hardening of urban surface, create high-quality natural living environment and maintain the ecological balance of the city.The product has the characteristics of water permeability, moisture retention, anti-skid, high strength, cold resistance, weathering resistance, noise reduction, sound absorption and so on.


Permeable brick performance:

1. water and ventilation.

2. Adjust the temperature and humidity of the local space on the surface.

3. Reduce urban drainage and flood control pressure.

4. There is no water after the rain and no slip after the snow.

5. Prevent road surface reflection and absorb noise.

6,.rich in color, diverse specifications.

Application scenario:

Municipal engineering, residential roads, landscape projects, parks, etc.

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Maintenance of permeable bricks:

First, always clean, keep the surface of the permeable brick clean

Second, timely sweep the snow on the surface of the permeable brick. Try not to let the permeable brick form a frozen layer. This will make the permeable bricks more prolonged.


Construction process:

Preparation before construction: construction stakeout measurement - site leveling - coarse sand cushion construction - gravel layer construction - no sand large hole concrete construction - permeable brick construction.Permeable brick construction: construction preparation → measuring release line → permeable brick blasting → sprinkling wet base → paving fine stone concrete → permeable brick smash → fine, medium sand sweeping

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Company Info:

ZJT ecological water permeable ceramic brick passes the test of national quality testing center, which is the recommended product for key projects and green building materials product. Its performance indicators have reached or exceeded that of similar foreign products( the products in 2006 won the national invention patent and Third-place Prize of Jiangxi Province Technology Invention). It is a leading international product.

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