Summer Houses Prefabricated Homes Modern Concrete Wall Panels Interior Wall

The new composite wallboard is a partition wall panel developed for high-rise buildings, frame structures and low-rise buildings. It is made of thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board as a panel, and the middle is filled with a light core core. Non-load bearing composite wall panel,
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Product Details

Summer Houses Prefabricated Homes Modern Concrete Wall Panels Interior Wall

Product Introduce

ZJT Lightweight Composite Energy-saving Sandwich Wall Panel is composed of face panel and interior filling.

Panel material:Nonmetal 

Color:White and Grey

Raw material:EPS,Cement,Additives,Fly Ash,Other fillers

Face Panel:5mm Calcium Silicate Boards


Product Features

1. Energy-saving, environmental protection, environmental protection, no harmful substances, no radioactivity, reusable, no construction waste, widely used in various places.

2. Fire protection The fire resistance limit at 1000 °C for more than 4 hours, and does not emit toxic gases, the non-combustibility meets the national A-level standard.

3. Increase the use area The wall material thickness is between 60-180mm, which greatly saves the building space compared with the traditional masonry wall thickness.

4. Moisture-proof and waterproof Water-filled containers without any waterproof finish have no leakage, good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, suitable for wet areas such as workshops, bathrooms, basements, etc.

5. Compression, shock resistance and impact resistance Because it is a prefabricated construction, it is a three-in-one structure. The plate and the plate are connected together to form a whole, which is resistant to pressure and shock, and the impact resistance is up to the national standard.

6. Insulation Wall materials mainly use environmentally-friendly and energy-saving materials that are resistant to frost and heat insulation. They have good heat insulation and keep the indoor temperature at a constant level, which makes the environment more comfortable.

7. The nail wall panel can be nailed directly or the expansion bolt can be used to hang the heavy object. The single point hanging force is above 50kg. The surface of the panel of the wall panel is smooth and smooth, and no dust is generated. The tile and wallpaper can be directly pasted. Wood veneer and other materials for finishing treatment.

Product Specification




Application:Interior/Exterior wall,Floor,Roof

Usage Suggest:

Roof:60mm  Interior Wall:75/90/100mm  Exterior Wall and Floor:120/150/180mm


Product Application

Floor and Roof


Widely Usage:School,Hotel,Villa,Hospital,Factory,KTV,etc.



Product Install

Install Tools:Hammer,Trowel,Electric Circular Saw,Electric drill,Infrared level instrument,Ruler

Install Accessories: Wooden wedge,Steel bar,Anti-crack-tape,Cement mortar

How to Inserting the wires:

  1. Setting lines on places needing to be set with concealed wire and switch box.

  2. The cut a groove by the electric saw.

  3. Filling with specific mortar after installation.

Install process:

  1. Put wire,transport board in place,popup or down the wall plate and gauge double in the respective axis mount.

2.Any use of drilling to cut according to wall plate specifications.

3.Put cement binder and wall board in foundation.

4.Put cement binder,two pieces of the tenon on one side cement to wipe polymer mortar on any tongue and sides.

5.Installation,firstly prepare for the installation of plate moved into connection location,wall correction with a crowbar,use force tightly,to let polymer mortar extrusion from the joints in high spirits.

6.Adjustment,use wood wedge to bit into the bottom of the wall plate so that it adjust vertical formation

7.Correction,fix,use more than 2m or 2m guiding rule to check vertical,flat correction.

8.Grout,fill the pulp,use polymer mortar to infill and flatness after correcting the wall body,use polymer mortar to fill the gap size up or down.

9.Fixed,upper part of wall panels with Φ6mm or Φ8mm steel reinforce in the middle of walls by 45 degrees to bit into,the bottom with “7shaped”ribbed steel,one head is bitten into concrete base,the other head is bitten into the wall plate

Simple installation process:

1.Put wire   2.Cutting   3.Put cement binder   4.Put cement binder  

5.Adjustment   6.Installation   7.Correction   8.Fill the pulp   9.Fixed

Product Certificate


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