Cement Mortar With Anti-crack

Materials:cement,anti-crack material,polymer,additives
Application:EPS cement sandwich panel,wall panel,sandwich panel,wall board
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Product Details

Cement mortar with Anti-crack

Product Introduction of the Cement Mortar

Cement mortar is a building compound created by mixing sand and a selection of aggregates with a specified amount of water. The mortar can be used for a number of applications, such as plastering over bricks or other forms of masonry. Sometimes referred to as sand cement, mortar blends today often incorporate different grades of plastics to create various types of polymer cement mortars.

ZJT specific cement mortar with anti-crack is mainly made from the normal Portland cement, mixed with anti-crack materials, some polymer and related additives predry mixing technique. The finishes appears as powder.

Connect the tongue and groove of wall panels and the gap between panels. It has good anti-crack performance to prevent the crack.


Usage of the Cement Mortar

Mix ratio: ZJT specific mortar should be mixed on site with water in the ratio of approximately 4 parts ZJT specific mortar to 1 part water by weight, just add water, any cement, sand or additives are not allowed to add.


Weight: 25kg/bag

Package: 60bag/pallet

save labor board


--Applying into the tongue and groove to connect two pieces of EPS cement sandwich panel. 

--Filling into the gap of EPS cement sandwich panel.

--Backfill slot gap.

--Flatten the EPS cement sandwich panel surface.

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel Information


EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

Surface Material

Calcium silicate board as upper and bottom surface board.

Core Material

Cement,fly ash, expanded polystyrene(eps), additive as core material


A container

Slotted and wiring

Available, easy slotted and wiring


Yes, use A great fireproof eps grain, more than 3hours for 100mm pane


Yes, use calcium silicate board as surface panel with waterproof function


Yes, more than 42dB sound transmission loss ability for 100mm panel


Yes, only 66kg/㎡ for 100mm panel, optimize structure, increase install speed

Install Easy and fast, with polymer cement mortar
Plastering No need, paint or paste tile directly.

concrete wall panel

polymer cement mortar application

wall panel slot

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