Cement Anti-cracking Mortar Waterproof Cement Mortar

Cement Anti-cracking Mortar Waterproof Cement Mortar

Product Description ZJT polymer anti-cracking mortar is Mixed with high-quality cement and High quality latex powder.It has good anti - cracking, good heat insulation, good alkali-resisting ,good frost resisting,good water retention,high bonding strength,enjoying excellent performance of weather...
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Product Details

Product Description

ZJT polymer anti-cracking mortar is Mixed with high-quality cement and High quality latex powder.It has good anti - cracking, good heat insulation, good alkali-resisting ,good frost resisting,good water retention,high bonding strength,enjoying excellent performance of weather resistance,impact resistant and anti-cracking.

Main application 

The wall plastering insulation and Roof insulation,repair of cleft parts,old wall tile renovation and polystyrene particle mortar surface crack resistance.In order to increase the level of piaster layer adhesion,Solve because the wall surface water absorption is too strong or smooth caused by the interface is not easy to bond,ash layer hollowing,cracking,spalling problems.Can replace the traditional concrete surface of wool processing, accelerate construction progress,improve the quality of the project.

Polymer mortar

directions for use

1. This product with clean water into a thick paste, water cement ratio of 0.22:1 should be used up within 2 hours after mixing.

2. Two plaster interval shall not be less than 24 hours, such as high degree of dry before plaster matrix to be water wet.


3. Usage: such as hang embedded alkali grid cloth materials 5-6 kg per square meter, such as hanging embedded hot dipped wire mesh per square dosage 8 to 10 kg.

 Polymer Anti-Cracking Mortar For EPS wall Panel


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