Water Retention Ceramic Paving Brick

Water Retention Ceramic Paving Brick

1.water permeability and water retention
2.for ecological sponge city construction
3.regulate the humidity of the atmosphere
4.reduce the surface temperature
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Water Retention Ceramic Paving Brick

Presentation of Paving Brick

At present, land subsidence occurs in many cities. The main reason is that the groundwater is over-exploited. The ground is closed by cement and marble floors, which cannot be replenished in time. With the pavement of ZJT eco-ceramic permeable bricks, the rainwater can not only penetrate into the ground quickly, but also restore the natural water storage capacity, prevent the groundwater from depleting, and improve the living environment of the vegetation.

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Characteristic of Paving Brick

1. The permeable brick has comprehensive super-strong water permeability and water retention; the water permeability coefficient reaches 3.0*10-2cm/s, and the surface does not accumulate water, which is convenient for walking and effectively relieves urban sputum. It is an ideal permeable paving material for ecological sponge city construction.

2. Rainwater directly penetrates below the ground, allowing natural accumulation, natural infiltration, natural purification, replenishment of groundwater and conservation of groundwater.

3. Restore the surface water circulation system, regulate the humidity of the atmosphere, purify the air, and reduce the occurrence of smog.

4. The permeable bricks can alleviate the urban heat island effect, and can effectively reduce the surface temperature by 3--5 degrees in hot weather in summer.

5. The permeable brick has good compressive and flexural strength, the compressive strength reaches 50Mpa or more, and the flexural strength reaches 6Mpa or more. Use long life.

6. Ceramic permeable bricks are available in various specifications, rich in color, beautiful in decoration and strong in walking comfort.

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