Multiple Prefab Flat Pack Containers Houses For Offices/Refuges/Stores

Zjt Light composite wallboard introduction light wallboard texture is light, easy to install. Environmental protection is beautiful, heat insulation and sound insulation. It can increase the use area of the room. It is an environmental protection material and has the support of the state. Light partition can be cut at will, which brings great convenience and flexibility to the construction. And the variety of light partition board, strong selectivity, but also improve the grade of decoration, looks both beautiful and generous.
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Product Details

Wall panel introduction for Containers

 ZJT Cement / fly ash composite sandwich wall board was produced by rolling mechanized assembly line with polyphenylethylene foam board, cement, fly ash, reinforced fiber and admixture as main raw materials. The product has the characteristics of high strength, heat insulation and heat preservation, excellent waterproof performance and so on.


Wall panel features

1.Energy saving, environmental protection, no harmful substances, no radioactivity, can be reused, do not produce construction waste, widely used in all kinds of places.

2.The fire resistance limit of fire protection at the temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius exceeds 4 hours and does not emit toxic gas, and the non-flammability reaches the national Class A standard. 

3.Compared with the traditional masonry wall thickness, the building space is greatly saved by increasing the thickness of the wall material between 60-180mm and the traditional masonry wall thickness.

4.The moisture-proof and water-proof water-proof container has no leakage in the container made of 

any waterproof finish, has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and is suitable for wet 

areas such as the factory building, the toilet, the basement and the like.

5.The anti-pressure, anti-seismic and impact-resistant are of a three-in-one structure, and the plate 

and the plate are connected into a whole, and the anti-compression and anti-seismic and impact 

resistance performances reach the national standard.


The anti-pressure, anti-seismic and impact-resistant are of a three-in-one structure, and the plate and the plate are connected into a whole, and the anti-compression and anti-seismic and impact resistance performances reach the national standard.


Cement wall panel specification 


Cement panel advantages



Wall panel applications

ZJT lightweight energy-saving composite wall panel not only can be applied to wall materials,but also make it unique in floor application for the outstanding performance such as the high bearing,high strength,light weight,construction fast,slotted wiring and so on.It is especially suitable for factory,workhouse,store,temporary buildings,building floors,etc.When used as a floor and roof,it can ab used with steel structure and the stability is very outstanding.


Floor application


Roof application


Exterior application


Interior application


Application in high building

Paking and shipping

1.Hold by durableWooden Pallet

2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt

3.Fasten around the corners, have protection on all edges

4. Mounted in container to protect your wall panel

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In todat's market, time plays a major role and may be a deal breaker for construction companies and the developers. A lot of project failed to sustain the expected return of investments due to failure in finishing the project on time. However, our product, compared to the traditional block work building system, can be delivered to the site, installed and painted 5 times faster.

On a big project scale, 40%-60% of time spent on assembing, fixing, plastering and painting the blocks will be reduced. In other words, When use our ZJT panel it will not exist which take us directy to the second advantage which is cost saving.



Q1:   Are you a factory? 

A1:  Yes, we have nearly 20 factories.Welcome to our factory!

Q2:  Your MOQ? 

A2: 500  meters

Q3:  Why do you higher prices than other companies ?

A3:  For the same quality products, we are committed to provide the lowest price.

Q4: How long do you need to produce a cycle? 

A4:  1-3 days for samples; 7-25 days for batch goods.

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