High Quality Polyethylene Foam Wall Panel Board For Home Depot//garage

This product is used in the separate wall and partition wall of the building; it can also be used in the external wall and fire partition wall.
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Product Details

Product Composition

Core:EPS、Additives、Cement、Water、Fly Ash、Other Fillers


Product features

Compared with traditional or other wall materials, this product has the characteristics of light weight, thin body, no hollow and non-toxic, impact resistance, vibration resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cutting, heat insulation and sound insulation, fire prevention and waterproofing, heat preservation and moisture proof, strong single point hanging force and so on.

best-quality-eps-cement-wall-sandwich-panel (3)_副本

best-quality-eps-cement-wall-sandwich-panel (2)_副本

Product Advantages

Anti-impactSound InsulationSlot ang GrooveLightweightStrong hanging Force
Fast ContructionFireproofPerformance StabilityGreenWaterproof
Environment FrientlyHigh StabilitySolid CoreAnti- EarthquakeEconomic



Product applications

1).Interior partition (60mm,75mm or 90mm is your best choice)

2).Exterior Wall (100mm,120mmor 150mm)

3).Floor and roof

4).prefabricated houses

5).Modern high-rise Building

6).Schools, Hotels, office

7).Indoor space of ecological residences

8).All kinds of houses and structures




Product Install

Alignment:making the base line of the installation position of the wallboard.


Sawing of wallboard:cutting and adjusting the width and length of wallboard on the basis of the requirement.


Sizing: blending the ZJT cement mortar and plastering it into the gap and base line bettwen the wallboard.


Fitting the sheet: moving the mortar-covered wallboard to the right position and using crowbar to ensure the wallboard are tight with another one.


Placing the wallboard: filling the vacant position of the wall 


Adjustment: fixing the wallboard with wooden wedge, spiking steel bar into the glued wallboard an two steel bars should be spiked beyong 120mm wall board.


Filling joints: clear away the facial panel  cement mortar and press it tightly with round steel bar.


Installation of crack-resistant material: after about one week, taking out the wooden wedges and paste the anti-crack tape with cement mortar.


Insertion of wires: do not dig the same place in the two wallboard facial and the deep can't beyond 2/3 of the wallboard.


Plastering paint: to finish the wal, tiles can be paste without any scraping and wallpaper also can be applied directly.



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