Fireproof EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Of Lightweight

1.This product is used in the separate wall and partition wall of the building, and can also be used in the external wall and fire partition wall. 2.Compared with traditional or other wall materials, this product has the characteristics of light weight, thin body, no hollow and non-toxic, anti-impact vibration,fast construction,high stability slot and groove,performance stability and so on.
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              Why would you like to choose our Zhongjingtai wall board?

               Is it a special place for you to choose?

                And let me introduce you one by one.

First, its characteristics you need to know.

zjt EPS (Expanded polystyrene board) wall Panel is composed of exterior panels and interior core filling, to form a non-load-bearing light-weight composite wall panel. The exterior panels on both sides are 5mm calcium silicate board, and the middle core is filled with polystyrene beads & cement or ceramsite, polystyrene beads & cement.



Second, its advantages are worth it in front of your eyes.

01 fireproof


Fireproof limit of ZJT boards is more than 4 hours and does not emit toxic gases under 1000 degree. The nonflammable performance reaches national A-class standard.

02  lightweight、economic


The volume-weight for the boards only 750-800kg/m, the weight of 75mm thickness ZJT board is 60kg/m2, equal to 1/6 of brick weight, 1/7 of 120mm thickness masonry. Finally, ZJT boards reduce structural cost because of lightweight.

03 fast construction

According to the construction data of several groups of construction sites, the construction amount of 12 masonry bricks per day is 8 hours a day. If the construction of Zhongjingtai wall material is used, 3 people can be completed in 60 minutes, and the efficiency advantage is very significant.HTB1jcvMcBUSMeJjSspfq6x0VFXa9

04 Sound insulation

The raw materials of ZJT boards have good performance in sound insulation. ZJT board with 90mm thickness gains sound insulation of 42dB. It is better than any other conventional bricks in sound insulation and meets national standard.


05 Waterproof、Anti-Earthquake



Third, the application scenario of the product is the basis of your purchase.

办公楼应用.jpgoffice building



Steel structure factory building





steel fream2.jpg

Steel structure factory building

Fourth, product certification is the standard for testing product quality.







Finally, our question and answer time.


.Are you factory or trading company?

Our factory was built in 2003, We have a high speed production process and quality management system.

.Could I get a discount?

If your quantity is more than our MOQ,we can offer a good  discount according to your exact quantity.We can ensure that our price is very competitive in the market based on good quality

.Can you offer some sample?

We are glad to offer some samples free 

.How about your delivery time ?

within 12 days after receiving your prepayment .



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