Manufacturer Fireproof Cement Board Sandwich Panel Ready Made Walls

The ZJT lightweight energy-saving sandwich panel is a kind of building material which is not any limited for selling and using.They also do not contain any harmful materials such as formaldehyde,benzene,etc.
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Manufacturer fireproof cement board sandwich panel ready made walls


Characteristic of ZJT sandwich panel

The ZJT lightweight energy-saving sandwich panel is prepared by taking polyphenyl particle mortar as a core material, using a calcium silicate plate as a surface layer material, and appropriately mixing the fly ash, the slag and the admixture. 




Five characteristics of Zhongjingtai environmental protection wall board



Light: The raw materials are light aggregate and fly ash, etc., there are no heavy raw materials such as steel-reinforced cement, sand and stone, so it has the characteristics of light weight, which is only 1/16 of the mass of the brick-concrete structure, and can greatly reduce the longitudinal load of the building structure, reduce the self-weight of the building and reduce the construction cost.



Thermal insulation: because the wall board uses the polystyrene foam board as the core heat-insulating material, the heat-insulating performance and the superiority thereof are in accordance with the building energy-saving design standard of the building part.



Impermeability: the water absorption of the new wallboard is only 3.3%, which has reached the advanced level of the same industry in the world.



Fire resistance: the new wallboard product itself, never burn. The experimental results show that the new wall board is an ideal fire prevention material, and the fire prevention ability of 9cm thick wall can reach more than 3 hours.



Sound insulation function: because the new wall board uses polystyrene as the core material. So that the sound insulation effect is good, the sound insulation of the solid core is more than 40 dB, and the sound insulation effect is up to the national standard.


Advantages of ZJT sandwich panel


Heat Insulation: Adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range.


Fire Proof: 5mm calcium silicate board is fireproof, Eps Cement sandwich panel can be against high temperature for 4 hours.


Water Proof: Experiment has proved that water pool can be made by Eps cement sandwich panel without absorbing any water and no leakage at all after one year.


Sound Insulation: The inside of wall panel material (EPS polystyrene grain) has fine sound insulation and sound absorbing function.


Easy to Install: Using our installation material (PU foam and Cement Adhesive) is easy to build house.


Labor Cost Saving: As wall panel is easy and fast to construct, the labors can be cut down in the same work and time.


High Intension: Eps Cement sandwich wall panel can be nailed directly or hang heavies, it can be decorated by ceramic tile, wall paper and any decorations you like.


Earthquake Resistance: The quake proof performance of Eps cement sandwich wall panel is more than 7.5.


Space and cost Saving: 60 to 150mm,which is more thinner than the traditional block, so it can save a lot of construction space. Meanwhile, the construct cost can also be saved instead of using the traditional blocks.


Application of ZJT sandwich panel



It can be used as both interior and exterior partition walls or all kinds of decoration and building construction, and also the best materials for plants, apartments, hotels, office buildings and public constructions, etc. 

In addition, they are used for compartments, households, bathrooms, the interior partition walls of kitchens.



Specifications of ZJT sandwich panel




2270mm standard 2440mm standard Application
2270*610*60mm 2440*610*60mm Roof
2270*610*75mm 2440*610*75mm Roof
2270*610*90mm 2440*610*90mm Interior wall 
2270*610*100mm 2440*610*100mm Interior wall
2270*610*120mm 2440*610*120mm Exterior wall /Floor
2270*610*150mm 2440*610*150mm Exterior wall


Thickness thermal conductivity index






Packing and shipping


ZJT Sandwich Panel Packing

1). Free packing, normal pallet + packing belt

2). Standard exporting packing, good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film

3). Loading: Normally 18 pallets per 20' container or according to clients' requirements




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