Heat Insulated Precast Sandwich Concrete Panel

Building Insulation Sandwich Panel Prefab House Size:2270/2440mm*60/75/90/100/120/150mm Usage: Office Building ,Apartment.Roof and Interior/Exterior Partition Wall
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Introduction of Sandwich Concrete Panel

Heat Insulated Precast Sandwich Concrete Panel is a kind of light weight energy saving compound board material taking fiber glass mgo board as panel, with magnesia cement, EPS as fillers and forming by one time compound. The product can replace red brick, clay solid brick, gypsum block and other traditional blocks, and popular with many customers as the new energy saving construction materials. It can widely be applied to wall materials of various high and low buildings such as: bank, office, hospital, school, hotel, mall,old house reconstruction, residence and workshop.


Advantage of Fiber Cement Board:

Waterproof: Energy Panel ’s surface material is magnesium oxide board, which has a good waterproof, moisture resistance. Therefore, the panel will not get sweat or wet because of the absorption of moisture and loose, and the halogen, deformation, strength and other phenomena. The wall in wet weather also no condensing water, can be used for kitchen, bathrooms, basements and other wet places.

Soundproof: The unity of Energy Panel including its surface magnesium oxide board, the inside material and the board connection, all have good sound absorption and sound insulation effect, 90mm thick wall sound absorption amount of 42db, much higher than the other brick wall of sound insulation, the sound insulation effect in line with national residential sound insulation requirements.

Heat insulation and energy saving: Building energy efficiency is the focus of current concern in the construction industry. WELLYOUNG Energy Panel  uses fireproof and low thermal conductivity inorganic magnesium oxide board panels as surface panel, plus lightweight core material of magnesia cement EPS compositeion material, which has good heat insulation heat preservation function.

waterproof panel

Application of Building Material EPS Sandwich Wall Panel:

Widely be applied to wall materials of various high and low buildings such as banks, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, malls, old houses reconstruction, residences, and workshops



1.setting the line : setting the line and carrying the board in position

2.Sawing the board: using hand / hold electric saw to cut freely

3.Sizing: sizing cement on tenon side of the boards then spread polymer mortar on one tenonside casually.

4.Installation: carrying the board prepared to be installed to the installation place

5.Planting bars in wall and pillar: drill a hole in the original pillar or wall, and fix the board by a steel bar

6.Correcting, fixing: using a guiding rule to check and leveling correction

About the Zhongjingtai Building Material Co.Ltd

In the trend of low-carbon and energy-saving in domestic and world wide, ZJT is on a mission environmental protection, and actively promoting the development and popularization of green building materials. The composition of the materials of ZJT energy-saving wall panel strictly implements national GB6566-2001Building Materials Radionuclide Limited standard, which belong to the main of the radioactive building materials and a kind of decoration materials, 100% do not contain harmful substances in humans, and in high temperature combustion state, the release of excessive part also can be operated in an efficient range so it has no direct threat to human. 



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Our business objectives are to give the best price with same quality and best quality with the same price. We will do everything we can to reduce your cost and guarantee you get the best product that you paid for.

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You are welcomed to send an inspector, not only for the container loading, but any time during the production time.

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You can contact us by email, phone, Alibaba TM, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and so on 24*7 and you will get reply within 8 hours.

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