Why Should Light Partition Board Use Cement?

- Mar 05, 2019-

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Everyone knows that cement and water will become semi-fluids with plasticity. After a period of time, the cement slurry gradually loses its plasticity and maintains its original shape. Therefore, this phenomenon is called condensation. Then it enters the hardening period and the strength of the cement gradually increases. Due to the characteristics of the lightweight partition board products, the products cannot be made of ordinary cement, so special cement is required for operation. There are several points in the exclusive cement:

1, molding is fast, can be adjusted

For construction, the construction period also includes cement hardening and condensation, because ordinary cement hardening and condensing is slow, while the exclusive cement can be hardened and condensed in only a few minutes, thus greatly reducing the time of traditional construction, reducing product inventory, and products. The hardening time can also be delayed by adding a certain retarder.

2, good anti-penetration performance

The exclusive cement can form more calcium sulfate in the process of hydration, which is the micro-expansion of the cement to increase the density of the surface of the product, so that the product has good impermeability.

3, high intensity

Building and building materials need to pay attention to strength, and this exclusive cement can not only control the hardening time, but also the strength can be controlled. According to the test of Wuhan Tianzuo Wall God, the longer the time is, the higher the cement strength, for example 2h. The strength is above 20 MPa, the strength at 4 h is about 30 MPa, and the strength at 28 days is above 60 MPa, so we can use this to roughly control its strength.