Why Is Sandwich Board Easy To Use?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Readymade Prefabricated House EPS Sandwich Panel.jpg

Sandwich panels are still used in the decoration. This kind of plate also has its unique characteristics. For these reasons, it is very popular among people. Different specifications of the board also have different uses. The following small series will tell you why the sandwich panel is easy to use and there are several thickness specifications for the color steel sandwich panel.

First, why the sandwich panel is easy to use

1. First of all, this kind of board is based on styrene as the core material. Some people call this kind of EPS color steel sandwich panel. The ordinary customer's board has beautiful appearance and bright color. An ultra-light building board that is heat-cured in a continuous molding machine.

2. Light weight is 1/30 of the weight of the concrete roof, thermal insulation (the thermal conductivity value is 0.034w/mk).

3, with no wet work, this can also be done without secondary decoration features.

4. This product also has obvious advantages in terms of the turnover multiplexing index of detachable and installable materials.

5. Larger reduction of temporary facilities costs on construction sites. Therefore, this is a new type of enclosure material that integrates heavy, thermal insulation and waterproof decoration. It is suitable for: purification of factory buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage original buildings. Additions, temporary offices, markets, sentry boxes, etc.