Why Choose The Eps Sandwich Panel

- Nov 06, 2018-

Clients who don’t know the eps sandwich paenl  will definitely ask: What is this used for? 

Let me answer this question! This is new building material ,the surface is Calcium silicate board and  the core material is eps+sand+cement+fly ash +additive. It is very different the traditianal bricks. 

People used to build houses to choose  bricks.but they may not consider that the brick is wasting time, high wall cost,and not earthquake resistance and so on. In contrast, our building material eps sandwich panel has many advantage:reduce project cost,lightweight optimize structure,space saving increse living space,soundproof,wateroproof,fire resistance 3-4 hours, earthquake resistance and the easy to install...We can see that this is a good chice when you want the sandwich panel apply to officebuilding,residential and hotel.Also this era is to promote environmental protection and energy conservation, then our products are your best choice.

In addition, many building usually happen the fire disaster.I saw a news on the WeChat public account that  a 24 high-rise building in London, England, caused fires due to its exterior wall  use  flammable materials.This painful historical lesson has sounded the alarm for the British construction industry.So , in order to protect the building and product your safe, how about the buiding sandwich panel?

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