Which Permeable Brick Is Good?

- Jan 23, 2019-

Paving Bricks For Urban Waterlogging.jpg

Water Permeable Brick is an indispensable ground paving material in the reconstruction of sponge city. It has many kinds of colors, rich in color, and also has the characteristics of Water Permeable Brick, wear resistance, dirt resistance, sound absorption, noise reduction, water retention and anti-skid. It is well recognized and welcomed by everyone. So what kind of permeable bricks?

Dark gray walkway brick

Dark gray walkway brick, size 100x200x55mm, suitable for trails and pavements. It is fired at high temperature, flat shape, high pressure and flexural strength, water absorption and water retention, cold and wear resistance, good anti-slip effect, and its dark gray color can bring a stable feeling to the city and greatly improve the safety of pedestrians.

2. Red trail brick

Medium red walkway brick, size 100x200x55mm, suitable for paving and paving. The color is bright, durable and does not fade, adding a rich youthful color to the monotonous city.

3. Yellow garden tiles

Yellow garden bricks, size 300x300x55mm, suitable for gardening, roads, etc. The garden tiles are used as paving materials, and the aesthetics of the building will not disappear with the passage of time, and there is no need for frequent maintenance. Ultraviolet radiation, acid rain erosion, the color of the brick will never fade, but it will be more pure, and the beauty will remain.

4. Gray square brick

Gray square brick, size 200x400x55mm, suitable for laying large and small squares, parking lots, etc. Because of its super wear-resistant, anti-slip and decorative aesthetics, it is widely used in leisure squares, municipal engineering, supermarkets, 4S shops, landscaping, beautiful roofs, garden balconies and public places with a lot of traffic.

5. White square brick

White square brick, size 300x600x55mm, suitable for laying large squares, parking lots, etc. It is used as a floor tile decoration material for outdoor square floor paving. It is characterized by high flexural strength, good frost resistance, and shock absorption and durability. The white square tiles are used to embellish the colors to make the square more vibrant.

6. Blind road bricks, suitable for paving and sidewalk blind roads. Due to the use of ceramic waste, the surface is rough, non-slip and wear resistant. Improve the safety factor of blind people in the process of road travel. Therefore, it is widely praised by the market.