Where To Buy Interior Wall Paneling?

- Dec 10, 2018-

Internal Partition Wall

Modern public buildings pursue human fashion, durable and easy to maintain, and as the result of modern interior decoration technology, interior wall paneling has become the best choice, and has been widely used in Europe and America in the past one or two decades. In recent years, the wall-mounted system has also begun to be adopted by some large public buildings in China, and has been recognized by more and more designers and Party A. The wall-hanging system adopts a special special anti-double board (interior wall board) and curved anti-double board (corner and door frame, window frame corner processing), and the inner wall wall built by metal pendants. It can be fixed to the wall of brick walls and other materials, or it can be directly fixed to the two sides of the metal frame to become the wood paneling of the indoor space.

In addition to the need to provide people with an elegant and comfortable environment, all kinds of public places need to be able to withstand their various damages and tortures. Due to the unparalleled characteristics of the wall covering panels, it has been widely used in hospitals, airports, stations, stadium museums, office buildings, shopping malls.........The internal wall system is resistant to impact, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and so on. It is especially suitable for hospital use environment. It can completely withstand the impact of patients, pushers, etc.; the corrosion of disinfectant; the pollution of various pollutants and so on. In particular, the corner treatment, in addition to more aesthetic effects, the excellent impact resistance of the positive angle shape completely makes the corner corner of the corner become redundant; and the negative angle shape avoids the sanitary corner.