What Material Is Polyurethane Sandwich Board Made Of

- Feb 15, 2019-

Roof Sandwich PU Panels.jpg

Polyurethane sandwich panels can be used for cold storage. Polyurethane sandwich panels are pre-formed by two-component liquid polyurethane AB.

The polyurethane material in the polyurethane sandwich panel is a high molecular polymer which is foamed by a foaming agent, a catalyst, a flame retardant and the like by using an isocyanate and a polyether as main raw materials. Polyurethane rigid foam is a new synthetic material with thermal insulation and waterproof function. Its thermal conductivity is low, only 0.022~0.024W/(m·Κ), which is equivalent to half of extruded board. It is the thermal conductivity of all insulation materials. lowest.

There are two kinds of processes for cold storage polyurethane insulation. One is to use the sandwich panel for on-site splicing, and the other is to use the polyurethane sprayer for on-site spray foaming. Compared with the first process, the second process is based on on-site spray foaming. Any seams greatly avoid the phenomenon of joints between the cold and hot bridges, and the insulation effect is better than the first one.