What Is The Effect Of Foam And Cement?

- Jan 04, 2019-

Nowadays, more and more people add foam to the cement slurry, the effect is not the same, it becomes insulated and soundproofed.


Foamed cement is a mixture of foam and cement slurry which is fully foamed by a foaming machine, and then the mixed cement slurry is poured or molded through a foaming machine system, and then naturally cured to form a kind of lightweight porous insulation energy-saving materials containing a large amount of foam inside.


Insulation layer made of foamed cement is used for roof insulation and exterior wall insulation, replacing other insulation materials such as polystyrene (benzene board), and has unparalleled insulation properties of foamed cement insulation board and adhesion of structural layer. There are also many advantages such as convenient construction, environmental protection, time saving, and efficiency improvement. This technology is very popular in Korea and has been widely used in the coastal cities of China in the north, achieving good thermal insulation. At present, the technology has begun to spread in western China. In southern China, foamed cement bricks are also made from foamed cement to achieve roof insulation and exterior wall insulation.


The advantages of foam cement insulation layer ground heating insulation layer, in a few years ago most of the polystyrene foam plastic, still has some applications, but is decreasing year by year, most have been replaced by foam cement.At present, most of the floor heating insulation layer in developed countries adopts foamed cement, and the application rate of the floor heating insulation layer of foamed cement in China has reached more than 50%.According to the development momentum, it will replace polystyrene foam.