What Is Lightweight Wallboard?

- Jan 17, 2019-

Sandwich Panel Sheet.jpg

The composite wall panel is a low density, light weight, can be customized according to the height dimension of different space required by customers, directly splicing and installing the sandwich panel; using 6mm calcium silicate board and composite cement foam material. The lightweight composite wall board has the advantages of moisture-proof fireproof, environmental protection and energy saving, heat preservation and cold resistance, light weight and solidity, heat insulation and sound insulation; it is suitable for the inner and outer walls of non-load-bearing buildings, the partition walls of commercial and residential buildings and office buildings.


1. Green low carbon environmental protection. The main materials of the product include: lime cement, quartz, silicate, imported log pulp fiber, selected mineral fillers, suspending agents and additives as auxiliary, after the production process of mixing, mixing, grouting, curing, autoclaving, etc. 100% excluding asbestos materials harmful to human health;


2. The composite wall board is a light-weight non-loading wall commonly used for interior decoration; it can replace the traditional brick wall; and it can bear 50KG.


3. The weight is lighter than the traditional brick wall; the density is only 750-800kg/m3; it is very suitable for transportation, storage and construction;


4. Long service life, where the composite wall panel is used, can better improve the moisture resistance of the building and protect it from the wet weather;


5. Excellent fire performance; composite wall board has passed the non-combustibility test of building materials, reaching the national standard GB8624-2006 building materials and products burning performance grade A1; also has the British BS 476 Part 4 building materials non-combustibility test issued by SGS Qualification certificate;


6. Expanded the effective use area of the wall, the effective use area of the traditional building is 75%, and the effective use area of the house using the lightweight composite wall board is 90%; the composite wall board construction is simple, fast and effectively shortens the construction Time, cost savings;


7. In addition to the partition wall suitable for commercial and residential buildings and office buildings, the composite wall panel is also suitable for indoor swimming pool walls and KTV room partition walls which are extremely waterproof, soundproof and moisture proof;


8. Maintain the same quality level as the world's top brands, high-end and true, with excellent cost performance.