What Is Crack Resistant Cement Mortar?

- Jan 14, 2019-

Cement Mortar With Anti-Crack.jpg

An anti-crack cement mortar , which is made of a cracking agent made of a polymer emulsion and an admixture, cement and sand, and is stirred with a certain proportion of water to maintain a mortar which can satisfy a certain deformation without being cracked.

This cement mortar  is a new type of anti-cracking material, which solves a big problem that has been plaguing the construction industry - the problem of cracking in the light body insulation layer. It is a high-quality environmental protection material with high tensile strength and easy construction and anti-freezing. Can be widely used in various buildings inside and outside walls.

1. Remove dust, oil and debris from the wall and make the surface clean.

2. Preparation: mortar powder: water = 1:0.3, stir evenly with mortar mixer or portable mixer.

3. Do a point-like sticking or thin sticking method on the wall, and press it to achieve flatness.

4. Application rate: 3-5kg/m2.

Matters needing attention

1, the anti-crack concrete mortar does not need to add any admixture, strict control of water-solid ratio and plastering time.

2. The base layer with strong water absorption or excessively dry surface should be firstly coated with a sealing agent or sprayed with a small amount of water to wet it before construction.

3. Pay attention to moisture, rain and sun exposure during transportation.

4. During the storage process, the crack-resistant mortar should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.

5. When the anti-cracking mortar is used, it can not be adjusted too much at one time, depending on the amount of construction. If it is not used, it will agglomerate and cannot be used continuously.

6, construction and storage temperature requirements above 5 °C.

7. After each construction, clean the construction tools and mixing equipment in time to avoid affecting the next use.