What Is Concrete Sandwich Panel?

- Dec 18, 2018-

Precast Eps Concrete Sandwich Panels.jpg

Concrete sandwich panel . In building construction, there are mainly wall panels, slabs and roof slabs; these three panels are sometimes versatile. Concrete panels  are mainly divided into two categories: reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, and some are applied with other reinforcing materials, such as steel mesh, steel fiber or other fibers.

Precast concrete walls  from prefabricated interior and exterior panels, slabs, roof slabs and other prefabricated components. The inner and outer wall panels are mostly one open, but there are also two open rooms or even three open ones. Generally, the inner wall panels are loaded, and most of them are ordinary concrete hollow slabs and solid slabs numbered 200. the production process uses group or pair of vertical dies, and flat mold technology. The external wall panels are generally self-supporting, and have various functional requirements such as heat insulation, waterproofing, decoration, etc., so most of them use high-efficiency insulation materials (such as polystyrene foam, mineral wool, aerated concrete, etc.) And reinforced concrete composite panels ( or sandwich panels) and lightweight aggregate concrete slabs with a bulk density of less than 1200 kg/m3. the production adopts the processes of fixed flat die, flat die flow water and unit flow water, and adopts various methods to make the outer finish meet the decoration requirements. The slabs and roof slabs are basically versatile, and most of them are made of concrete solid or hollow slabs numbered 200-300. the production process is basically similar to the exterior wall panel. Pay attention to the construction of the joints of these plates.

The floor slabs and roof slabs in the building are also widely used in the form of strip-shaped hollow slabs. The concrete number is 200-300. the long-line method of extrusion, sliding mode, and drawing is used.