What Is Cement Sandwich Panel?

- Dec 11, 2018-

Cement Sandwich Panel

1. Cement sandwich panel Good thermal insulation performance: the thermal insulation performance exceeds the thickness of 570mm brick wall, and the lightweight foam concrete thermal insulation wall board does not need to be used as the outer wall foam insulation layer. Experiments show that the houses built with this product in the cold regions of Northeast China In the absence of heating, the outside temperature is minus 25 degrees Celsius, and the room can reach 8 degrees Celsius. It can greatly reduce the power and combustion costs such as air-conditioning, which is the best choice for energy conservation.


2. Insulated wall panels The construction speed is fast: the installation is simple and convenient, the roof panel, the grid plate and the floor panel adopt the hoisting welding method, which is more than 8 times faster than the concrete cast-in-place method; the wall panel adopts the assembly welding method, which is more than 5 times faster than the block wall. Can greatly shorten the construction period. Wall panels can be sawed, nailed, drilled, arbitrarily cut, and freely constructed.


3. Insulated wall panels Soundproofing, waterproof and fireproof performance: The sound insulation effect is up to 45db. The board has self-waterproof function and the fire resistance limit is more than 2.5 hours. Anti-freeze-thaw cycles more than 25 times, moisture-proof performance and other testing items have reached national standards.


4. Lightweight earthquake resistance and lightening of foundation load: Lightweight wall panels are three to four times lighter than clay solid bricks, and are two to three times lighter than hollow blocks, solving girders, pillars and deep foundations. The problem applies not only to low-rise buildings, but also to high-rise buildings, light geology and beaches, beaches and other buildings. The frame connection has good seismic performance, the wall quality is light, and the wall collapses during the earthquake, which is not easy to cause casualties.


5. The surface decoration is good: the surface of the wallboard is flat, and the wallpaper, wall tiles and spray can be directly attached after the seam is added.


6. Low overall cost: Due to the foundation load of the light beam column, the construction is fast and the cycle is short, which is 20% lower than the total equivalent of the clay brick and hollow block brick.


7. Environmental protection, energy saving and waste: Wallboard materials do not contain toxic and harmful substances, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.