What Is A Permeable Brick?

- Dec 04, 2018-

Water Permeable Ceramic Paving Brick

The water permeable brick  originated in the Netherlands. During the process of building the city by the Dutch, it was found that the ground after the seawater was discharged could cause continuous land subsidence due to long-term exposure to water. Once the levees on the shoreline are washed away, the seawater will quickly rush to a city that is much lower than the sea level and drown the entire coastal city. In order to prevent the ground from sinking, the Dutch made a small pavement with a length of 200 mm, a width of 100 mm, 50 or 60 mm, laying on the street surface and leaving a gap of 2 mm between the permeable pavers and the brick. When it rains, the rain will seep into the ground from the gap between the pervious pavers . This is the famous Dutch brick.