What Is A Composite Wall Panel

- Jan 16, 2019-

Composite wall panel is a new generation of high-performance building inner partition produced by industrialization, composed by a variety of building materials, instead of the traditional brick. It has many obvious advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving and pollution-free, lightweight, seismic resistance, fire/heat preservation, sound insulation, fast construction that it is an ideal energy-saving wall material for modern architecture.

Composite wall panel uses ordinary Portland cement, sand and fly ash or other industrial waste such as water slag, slag, etc. as fine aggregate, then add polystyrene granules and a small amount of inorganic chemical additives, with automatic high efficiency force The special agitation system for light aggregates introduces air into the honeycomb layer to stabilize the pores during the mixing process to further reduce the weight of the product, which not only reduces the material cost, but also achieves the ideal insulation and sound insulation effect. The polystyrene particles and pores are evenly distributed inside the product, so that the concrete forms a circular honeycomb skeleton, thereby supporting each other and increasing the pressure resistance. The addition of fly ash not only improves the workability of the concrete slurry, but also enhances the strength of the cement in the later stage, thereby enhancing the strength after the product is cured, the flexural strength is increased by 80%, and the modulus of rupture is increased by more than 50%. The use of fly ash also enjoys the national preferential tax policy for energy conservation and emission reduction, and the company has a series of preferential policies such as tax exemption for several years.

Composite wall panel has many usages as below:

It is suitable for the projects with high requirements of partition sound insulation, such as hotels, KTV, schools, hospitals, etc.

It is suitable for projects with limited requirements for construction, such as the partition wall of the shopping mall and the secondary renovation of the partition wall.

It is suitable for the projects which are required to reduce the wall load: super high wall, light steel house, steel structure, prefabricated house.

Suitable for items with special requirements for fire protection, such as pipe Wells, firewalls, large kitchens.

It is applicable to projects with requirements on construction schedule.

Suitable for items with special requirement of moisture-proof and water-proof: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, outdoor, etc.

Suitable for the nail hanging adhesion requirements: fixtures, home decoration, internal and external walls and other types of conventional partition.