What Are The Fireproof Materials?

- Jan 08, 2019-

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Whether it is for home renovation or corporate interior decoration, it is necessary to prevent fires. It is safe to choose what kind of materials to choose, and what kind of materials are selected to prevent fire. This is the primary consideration for decoration. So let's introduce some fireproof materials. You don't have to worry about what kind of fireproof material to choose.

What is fireproof sandwich panel 

A synthetic material with a fire-resistant property matrix or a material that itself has high temperature resistance, heat resistance, and flame retardancy.

    Fireproof sandwich panel

Fireproof sandwich panel roof is a commonly used material on the market, and its advantages are fireproof, moisture proof, wear resistant, oil resistant, easy to clean, and more varieties of colors. Fire-rated ceilings are installed at building exits, stairwells and corridors to ensure safe evacuation during fires and to protect people from spreading fires.

    Fire-proof door

Fire doors are divided into wooden fire doors, steel fire doors and stainless steel fire doors. Generally, fire doors are used for firewall openings, stairwell entrances and exits, evacuation walkways, pipe well openings, etc., which play an important role in fire separation and reduction of fire damage.

Fireproof wooden window frame

A wooden sealing material is embedded around the fireproof wooden window frame. When it expands with heat, it can prevent the flame from entering through the gap. Even if the fire outside the house is fierce, it can also be fire-resistant for 30 minutes. This kind of window frame is made of pine wood, and a sealing material made of graphite is attached around it to block the fine gap and increase the fireproof effect. According to the experiment, at 10 cm from the window frame, the flame frame was used to align the window frame, and the flame with a temperature of up to 800 ° C was sprayed. After 20 minutes, the flame failed to pass through the window frame, indicating that the fireproof effect was aluminum window. Several times the box.

    Fireproof Shutter

In the inconvenient setting of the firewall in the building, the fire shutter can be set. The fire shutter generally has good functions of fireproofing, heat insulation, smoke, pressure, anti-aging and abrasion resistance.

Fireproof and tamper-proof wood

Fireproof and tamper-proof wood is first immersed in a solution containing cations such as calcium and aluminum, and then immersed in a solution containing anions such as phosphate and silicate. In this way, the two ions react chemically in the wood to form a ceramic-like substance and tightly fill the voids of the cell tissue, giving the wood fire and tamper resistance.