What Are Fire Siding?

- Mar 04, 2019-

Fire Resistance EPS Cement Wall Board.jpg

The fireproof and heat preservation decorative board is composed of three layers of functional mechanisms: a facing layer (also called a decorative layer), a fireproof carrier layer, and a fireproof insulation layer. The surface decoration layer can be made of fluorocarbon paint, polyester, latex paint, etc., with more than 2,800 colors, which can be made into a variety of simulation decorative effects. The carrier layer has inorganic composite plate, aluminum composite plate, aluminum plate and other materials; the thermal insulation material can be selected from rock wool, phenolic, XPS, EPS, PUR, stp vacuum insulation board, inorganic thermal insulation mortar and the like.

The fireproof and heat preservation decorative board is a new type of chemical building material integrating functions of decoration, energy saving, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproofing and environmental protection. It replaces the traditional decorative materials and installation methods, such as replacing the traditional aluminum panel curtain wall, which has the advantages of fire prevention, energy saving and economy; it replaces the traditional stone curtain wall and has the advantages of light weight, energy saving and economy; instead of the traditional thermal insulation tile combination, it has fire prevention and saves cultivated land. , reduce energy consumption, avoid the risk of falling from high altitude, richer colors, better long-term decorative and other advantages; replace the traditional thermal insulation coating combination, with fire prevention, convenient installation, stable batch quality, quality period is not affected by weather and other environmental factors, and will be updated later. Convenience and other advantages are widely used in exterior walls, indoors, subways, tunnels, laboratory countertops, hospital partitions, furniture and other fields.

There are two main types of fireproof and heat-insulating decorative panels in the market. From the requirements of product fire prevention, the Ministry of Public Security issued the No. 65 document (known as the most stringent regulation of external wall insulation materials in history) in March 2011. Insulation materials must meet the requirements for Class A fire protection before the new standard is issued. Therefore, the heat insulation and decoration integrated board can achieve Class A fire protection. The whole system is fireproof and tested to the A level, but the insulation material is not necessarily Class A, for example, the insulation material is made of organic insulation board (modified XPS board, flame-retardant polyurethane board, etc.); the other type is the insulation and decoration board which the insulation material itself meets the A-level fireproof requirements, for example, the insulation material is made of inorganic insulation board. (rock wool, foam glass, foamed ceramics, etc.).