Thermal Insulation Pu Insulation Panel Plate

- Jan 04, 2019-

Thermal Insulation PU Insulation Panel.jpg

First, thermal insulation pu insulation panel 

(1) Concealed composite board

A. The screw is hidden, the waterproof effect is good, the corrosion of the screw is prevented, and the cold bridge phenomenon is avoided.

B. The peak height is 40mm. The design improves the bearing capacity of the roof panel, reduces the use of roofing purlins, enhances the load capacity, and has the function of balanced flow.

(2) Lap-up spray foam insulation 

A. The lap joint is treated by the lap joint process, and the lap joint is tighter, avoiding the rust of the edge due to no coating, prolonging the service life of the sheet and increasing the strength.

B. The peak height of the 34mm three-wave design improves the bearing capacity of the roof slab, reduces the use of roofing rafters, increases the load capacity, and has the function of balanced flow.

C. Designed from the sink to prevent water seepage.

Second, the wall panel

(1) Socket type composite board

A. Five-sided trapezoidal socket with tight sockets.

B. Improve the use rate of steel plates and be economical.


(2) Concealed composite board (foam insulation )

A. Use the dark nail connection, horizontal and vertical can be placed, tightly inserted, nailed without direct heat conduction.

B. The screws are hidden under the board to prevent rust and ensure the overall aesthetic effect.

C. Connection processing reasonable mechanical design, balanced force, stronger resistance to negative wind pressure.


Third, the metal surface polyurethane cold storage board

A. The unique convex groove structure is used to improve the tightness of the plate socket.

B. The board is even and stable, with good thermal insulation performance and good waterproof performance.