The Use Of Partition Board

- Feb 25, 2019-

Cement Sandwich Panel.jpg

Lightweight partition wall board is mainly used for building wall insulation (such as: reinforced concrete wall, ceramsite hollow block infill wall, concrete hollow block wall, clay porous brick wall, etc.) building roof insulation system, steel roof insulation, floor insulation , cold storage insulation, pavement foundation, can be widely used in many fields, such as refrigerated trucks, square floors, airports and so on.

Lightweight partition board can be widely used in office, business, residential building partitions, corridors, kitchen interior partition walls, production process, installation and operation is simple and easy to master; the product has low cost, long service life and high strength It has the characteristics of excellent heat preservation and sound insulation, light weight per unit volume, and no need for water conservation after modification.

1. Clean the structural surface, the ground and the floor, and separate the bullet lines to leave the door and window openings.

2. Install from the side of the main structural surface. If there is a door and window position, install it from both sides of the door and window, leaving the final process of installing the partition wall in the middle, and the width is wider and wider, and installed at the last part.

3. Plumbing electrical equipment should be placed at the line first. Before installing the partition wall board, the embedded parts or switch sockets should be drilled and drilled; when the line trenches need to be cut horizontally, the user should fill the line and embed the line, and then fill the line with the filling material. Ink line.

4, operating temperature: -10 degrees Celsius or more can be installed.

5, the seam processing.