The Paving Of A Road

- Feb 02, 2019-

Water Retention Paver Brick For Walkway.jpg

Road brick laying method: 1. Flexible laying on flexible foundation: 25-50mm sand is laid on the roadbed with leveling, compaction and compactness of more than 90%, and road bricks are laid on the flat sand. The seams of bricks and bricks are filled with fine yarn. 2. Flexible laying on a semi-rigid basis: according to the ratio of cement: sand = 1:7, it is laid on a flattened, compacted roadbed with a thickness of 30-50mm, and then laid on the road. Bricks, brick seams filled with fine yarn. Finally, water is sprinkled on the brick surface, and the water is infiltrated into the cushion through the brick joint, so that the bonding force with the cushion layer can be effectively enhanced. 3, flexible laying on the basis of rigidity: foundation: must be leveled, compacted, compactness of more than 90%. Cement stabilizing layer: thickness is 300mm, the composition is as follows: stone (1-3cm) stone (1-2cm) stone (0.5cm) ore powder cement proportion 30% 30% 20% 10% 10% cushion: thickness 30mm. Cement: Sand = 1:2 Dry temperature: It seems to be scattered, pinched in the hands can form a group. Paving slabs: Laying road slabs on the mat in a designed arrangement. Precautions for paving road tiles: 1. Brick is a relatively brittle material. Therefore, care must be taken during the loading and unloading and laying process to prevent damage. 2. In order to prevent the occurrence of frost, the sand used in the construction should be river sand; 3. Prevent the movement of bricks during the construction process, and do not add sand to the joints of the bricks after the road bricks are laid. After a short period, the fine sand was sprinkled into the joints of the road bricks with a shovel. This is called “Yangsha Positioning”. 4, can not use salt to remove ice and snow. Salt does not damage the road bricks, but it can damage the mortar joints. If the salt dissolves or penetrates into the brick surface, an unsightly pan-frost will occur. In order to keep the frozen road surface slippery, a layer of sand can be placed on the brick.