The Characteristics Of Seel Glasswool Sandwich Panel

- Dec 27, 2018-

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Centrifugal glass wool board glass wool, glass wool board Glass wool felt Glass wool tube Glass wool belongs to a category of glass fiber and is an artificial inorganic fiber. Glass wool is a material that melts glass into a cotton-like material. Its chemical composition is glass. It is an inorganic fiber. It has good shape, small bulk density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good sound absorption and corrosion resistance. Decorative and chemical properties are stable. :

 Steel glasswool sandwich panel  a category of glass fibers and is an artificial inorganic fiber. Natural minerals such as quartz sand, limestone and dolomite are used as the main raw materials, and some raw materials such as soda ash and borax are melted into glass. In the melted state, the flocculent fine fibers are blown by an external force, and the fibers and the fibers are three-dimensionally intersected and entangled with each other to exhibit many fine gaps. This gap can be seen as a void. Therefore, glass wool can be regarded as a porous material and has good heat insulation and sound absorption properties. :

Internal structure

The inner fiber of the fireproof insulation is fluffy and interlaced, and there are a lot of tiny pores. It is a typical porous sound absorbing material and has good sound absorption characteristics. Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wall panels, ceilings, space sound absorbers, etc., which can absorb a large amount of sound energy in the room, reduce reverberation time and reduce indoor noise. The sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool are not only related to thickness and bulk density, but also related to factors such as overcoat material and structural structure. In the construction application, it is also necessary to take into consideration various aspects such as cost, beauty, fire prevention, moisture resistance, dust, and aging resistance.

Our company adopts the advanced acoustic mineral wool  process to produce glass wool roll felt (can be covered with reinforced aluminum foil and other veneers) with soft texture, fine fiber, good resilience, waterproof and fireproof, and provide for steel structure construction. The ideal thermal insulation material, this product has: good insulation and sound absorption effect, low engineering cost, short construction period, non-toxic, non-irritating skin, ensuring the health of construction workers, beautiful appearance and so on.