The Advantage Of Partition Board

- Feb 14, 2019-

Fire Resistance EPS Cement Wall Board.jpg

Environmental protection

The raw materials used do not contain harmful substances to the human body, and no radioactive A products, in line with the national G/T23451-2009 standard.

Fire prevention

The fire resistance at 1000 ° C is not less than 3 hours, and does not emit toxic gases. The non-combustible performance meets the national A-class standard.

Expand housing space

The lightweight partition board is divided into an inner wall and an outer wall, and the partition wall panel of the inner wall can fully expand the space of the house.

Good overall

Because it is a prefabricated construction, the body has a three-in-one structure, the plate and the plate are integrally connected, and the impact resistance is strong. The steel structure is used for anchoring. The wall has high strength and can be used as a partition wall with high layer and large span, and overall seismic performance. It is many times higher than ordinary masonry walls. The composite wall panel partition wall system has a compact structure, good integrity, no deformation, and the wall surface is not easy to loose, and the earthquake resistance is good.

Moisture proof and waterproof

Experiments have shown that lightweight wallboard can be cemented into a pool filled with water without any waterproof finish. The back of the lightweight wallboard can be kept dry without leaving any traces, and it will not be in wet weather. Condensed water droplets appear. The panel of the lightweight partition board is a professional waterproof board with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which can be applied to wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Sound insulation

It has good sound insulation effect, and its sound insulation effect meets the sound insulation requirements of national houses, which is much higher than the sound insulation effect of other brick walls.

Simple and fast construction

It is completely dry work, assembled construction, and the wall panel can be cut to adjust the width and length. During construction, the transportation is simple, the stacking is sanitary, no mortar is required, the construction period is greatly shortened, and the material loss rate is low, which reduces construction waste.

Thermal insulation

The manufacturing process of the lightweight partition board determines the good thermal insulation function to make your indoor environment more comfortable.

Strong hanging force

The composite wall panel can be directly nailed or expanded with bolts to hang heavy objects, and the panel surface of the wall panel is smooth and smooth without generating dust. The tiles, wallpaper, wood trim and other materials can be directly pasted for finishing treatment.