Steel EPS Sandwich Panel Fire Advice

- Sep 06, 2018-

Steel plate can be from six aspects of fire prevention: first, the use of good fire-resistant rock wool as a core material, this is a permanent solution. Second, in the construction process, the core material should be away from welding, gas welding and other open fire operations; Thirdly, in the process of use, some heat sources, ignition source should not be close to the steel plate, to maintain a certain distance.

If you want to set up a kitchen in the color steel plate room, need to have a temperature layer, the wall should be equipped with fire-resistant rock wool insulation layer; IV, wire, cable preferably do not cross through the core material, such as the need to pass through the protective casing, sockets, switch boxes should be used metal galvanized box and the use of the Ming installation method; Conditional should be installed fire alarm, convenient personnel to evacuate quickly; six, the color steel plate room to maintain at least 6 meters of safe distance. Without strict flame-retardant treatment of color steel house sandwich filling material although flammable, but not spontaneous combustion. Strict, scientific and effective management, so that the fire away from the flammable color steel plate sandwich filler material, is to prevent the occurrence of color steel house fires one of the important ways.