Solid EPS Cement Panel Make Bricking Wall History

- Oct 26, 2018-

At present, the lightweight wall panels on the market are mostly hollow panels.

So what is solid EPS cement panel? The lightweight solid Eps Cement sandwich panel produced by  Xiamen Zhongjingtai building materialsCo., Ltd. is a high-tech production line that will strengthen calcium silicate board and EPS, cement and fly ash. A lightweight partition wall made of high-pressure composite materials such as fly ash, which has the advanatges of lightweight, high strength, fireproof, good sound insulation,. And it has a strong hanging force, and its performance in all aspects is better than hollow wall panels and composite sandwich panels.

According to the survey by the marketing department, the main reason for the lack of solid lightweight wall panels in the market is that the domestic wallboard market is relatively chaotic, and some construction departments and users are blindly pursuing low-priced products in order to reduce construction costs, and many lightweight wall panels In order to win customers, manufacturers reduce production costs and compete in price. This results in a product grade that does not go as a whole, with a single variety, mostly hollow wall panels and sandwich wall panels, while solid lightweight wall panels have no price advantage due to high cost, so most manufacturers are reluctant to produce and sell. The low price has caused the manufacturers to be inefficient, unable to engage in the development of new products, and can only survive at a low level. Over time, the market share of lightweight solid wallboards will become smaller and smaller, making it harder to trace them.

Some high rise buildings, they want to use lightweight solid wall panels, but find it difficult to find a suitable manufacturer and have to change to red blocks or other wall materials. However, with the turmoil in housing prices in recent years, real estate buildings have begun to move toward boutique construction routes. Therefore, some builders are increasingly demanding wall building materials. In order to protect the cost performance of the house, a more solid solid partition wall panel is selected. This is an opportunity for lightweight EPS cement sandwich panel manufacturers.


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