Sandwich Panel Features

- Mar 14, 2019-

Lightweight Waterproof Cement Eps Sandwich Wall Panels.jpg

The lightweight composite sandwich wall panel is made of high-strength cement as the cementing material, and is made of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and non-woven fabric. The cement and fly ash foam are used as the core body, and the production line is poured. High-strength, lightweight, and uniquely constructed thermal insulation wall panels that are compacted, leveled, and compounded. Performance has reached the domestic leading level.


1. Lightweight earthquake resistance: Lightweight wallboard is ten times lighter than clay solid brick and lighter than hollow concrete block by more than 100kg. It solves the problems of large beam, large column and deep foundation, and the column-column connection has good seismic performance, not only Suitable for low-rise buildings, also suitable for high-rise buildings, soft geology and beaches, beach buildings.

2, thermal insulation performance is good: composite gas wall panels in the production process, the formation of a lot of vacuum bubbles inside. These bubbles form a static air layer in the material, so that the thermal conductivity of the plate is only 0.12W/mk, and the thermal resistance is 2.00, which can greatly reduce the power and coal burning cost of cooling and heating, which is the best choice for energy conservation.

3, sound insulation and waterproof performance: the inside of the plate sealed micro-porous structure, effectively blocking the sound transmission and sound absorption dual function, sound insulation ≥ 40dB, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-freeze and melt up to standard.

4, increase the use of area: thin wall, can increase the use of 8 to 10%.

5, the installation and processing performance is good: the wall panel can be sawed, nailed, drilled, can be cut freely, and the building pattern can be freely manufactured.

6. Fast construction: dry operation, simple and convenient installation, more than 6 times faster than block wall, can greatly shorten the construction period.

7, surface decoration performance is good: the surface of the wallboard is flat, after the seam can be directly attached to the wallpaper, wall tiles and spray.

8. Low overall cost: Due to the reduction of beam and column and foundation load, the construction is fast and the cycle is short, which reduces the construction cost by 20% compared with clay bricks and hollow blocks.

9. Civilized construction operations: dry construction, on-site material specification, less construction waste, and high degree of construction civilization.

10. Environmental protection, energy saving and waste: Wallboard materials do not contain toxic or harmful substances, and the waste energy conservation is a green product promoted and developed by the state.