Preparation Method Of Composite Wall Panel

- Sep 06, 2018-

Composite wallboard using ordinary Portland cement, sand and fly ash or other industrial waste such as water slag, slag, etc. as fine aggregate, and then add polystyrene particles and a small amount of inorganic chemical additives, with automatic high-efficiency forced light aggregate special mixing system,

In the process of stirring, the air forming core layer honeycomb stable porosity is further reduced, which reduces the material cost and achieves the ideal heat preservation and sound insulation effect. Polystyrene particles and gas holes are evenly distributed inside the product, making the concrete form a circular honeycomb skeleton, which supports each other and increases the compressive capacity. Adding fly ash not only improves the workability of the cement slurry, the most important is to enhance the strength of the later stage, which strengthens the strength after the completion of the product maintenance, the flexural strength increases by 80%, the modulus of rupture increases by more than 50%, the use of fly ash also enjoy the national tax incentives for energy saving and emission reduction, a series of tax concessions.