Precast Concrete Wallboard Classification

- Mar 07, 2019-

Maldives Precast Concrete Wall Panel.jpg

Classification According to the function of use, it is divided into two categories: interior wall panel and exterior wall panel.

1 interior wall panel. There are three kinds of horizontal wall panels, vertical wall panels and partition wall panels. Both the horizontal wall panel and the vertical wall panel are load-bearing wall panels, and the partition wall panels are non-load-bearing wall panels. The interior wall panel should have the function of sound insulation and fire prevention. The interior wall panels are generally made of a single material (common concrete, Portland concrete or light aggregate concrete), both solid and hollow.

2 exterior wall panels. There are three kinds of front wall panels, gable panels and wall panels. The front outer wall panel is a self-supporting wall panel, and the gable panel and the wall panel are load-bearing wall panels. In addition to the function of sound insulation and fire prevention, the exterior wall board should also have the functions of heat insulation, impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-carbonization and meet the requirements of architectural art decoration. The outer wall board can be made of light aggregate material. It can also be made of composite materials (structural layer, thermal insulation layer and veneer layer).