What are the advantages of cement panel

- Jan 18, 2019-

Many architectural designs have been changed to new lightweight partition panels in the original aerated block application design. Why choose a lightweight partition wall panel instead? What are the advantages of a lightweight partition board than a gas block? Here are some points to analyze.

First, the weight. Generally, the weight of the partition wall board is 650kg/m3 (the original weight of the original wire mesh frame of the perlite sandwich panel is less than 360kg/m3), and the weight of the aerated block is 800-1000kg/m3.

Second, fire performance. The lightweight partition wall has a fire resistance limit of more than 3 hours and a gas filling block of 1.5-3 hours.

Third, waterproof and moisture-proof. Lightweight partition board (Huiyuan steel wire mesh perlite sandwich panel is made of steel mesh and double-sided perlite plate) can be used for various wall positions where moisture is required. The aerated block is easy to change its original nature in a humid environment, and cannot be soaked in water for a long time. It is not waterproof.

Fourth, sound insulation. Huiyuan steel wire mesh perlite sandwich panel sound insulation decibels reach 47-51 decibels, can be used in classrooms, conference rooms, karaoke, nursing homes and other places with sound insulation requirements. Aerated block seams can reduce the sound insulation effect, the decibel index is not high, and the sound insulation effect is not obvious.

Five, single point hanging force. Huiyuan steel wire mesh perlite sandwich panel single-point hanging force 100kg, can directly hang air conditioners, water heaters, TVs, range hoods and other heavy objects. It is also possible to open the trough directly in the wall and bury the hydroelectric pipeline. The stability of the aerated block is poor, and it is dangerous to hang heavy objects. The 100-120 thick block can't hang heavy objects.

Sixth, construction speed. Dry construction. The construction speed of workers is 35-50 square meters per person per day. The construction speed of the aerated block wall is 15-20 square meters per day.

The above six points are important wallboard performance indicators. In combination, the new lightweight partition board (Huiyuan steel mesh frame perlite sandwich panel) is largely superior to traditional brick blocks. Therefore, replacing the traditional wall materials with lightweight partition board (Huiyuan steel wire mesh perlite sandwich panel) is expected, and it is also an inevitable trend in the future development of building walls.