Polyurethane Exterior Wall Insulation System Fire Prevention Index

- Jan 28, 2019-

Polyurethane Insulated Panel.jpg

In September 2009, the “Interim Provisions on Fire Protection of Exterior Wall Insulation Systems and Exterior Wall Decorations for Civil Buildings” was promulgated and implemented, and the fire protection grade of building insulation materials was clearly defined. The wall insulation materials commonly used in China are extremely easy to burn. How to improve the energy-saving and excellent fireproofing of insulation materials has become an industry problem. Polyurethane exterior wall insulation fireproof system, with outstanding fire performance, meets national A-class standard, fire-resistant and heat-resistant, does not melt under high temperature, no dripping, low smoke, good dimensional stability, and has good thermal insulation and energy saving effect. Excellent fire performance and good energy-saving effect, suitable for many fields such as exterior wall insulation.

Fireproof national fireproof building materials quality supervision and inspection center testing, polyurethane (PUR) board fire rating reached B1 level, polyurethane outer wall insulation fire protection system reached the national fire protection standard A grade, no melting drops under high temperature, no softening, non-diffusing flame penetration To fundamentally solve the occurrence of external insulation fires.