Performance Of Light Weight Cement Foamed Partition Panel

- Mar 01, 2019-

Lightweight EPS Cement Green Wall Panel.jpg

1. Refractory: The wallboard fire resistance time can reach 5 hours, and the backfire surface temperature is only 46 degrees.

2. High strength: By adjusting the thickness of the space board and the built-in skeleton, the carrying capacity of the floor is 2.5-5.0KN/m2, and the carrying capacity of the roof is 1.0~5.0KN/m2.

3. Insulation, energy saving: wall thickness = thickness of insulation layer, and China's existing building wall energy-saving technology, the use of external walls plus insulation.

4. Lightweight: The weight of the space board building is only 20% of the masonry or cast-in-place structure, and the weight is saved by 80%.

5. Sound insulation: 120mm thick sound insulation coefficient: ≥45 (dB), easily achieve greater than 60 (dB) by adjusting the thickness of the board, the thickness of the surface layer and the sound insulation performance.

6. Lishui: The unique cement foam core material of space board is closed-cell structure, the closed cell ratio is more than 95%, and the water absorption rate is less than 2.5%, so it has good water repellency.

7. Durability: Safe service life 50 years, no replacement needs during the same life cycle of the building.