Method Of Attaching Building Panels

- Jan 31, 2019-

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The building panel is a kind of panel attached to the outer wall of the building, which has certain decorative and beautiful functions. Usually, the attachment form of the building panel is mainly to fix the panel by the adhesive force of the bonding layer, generally only through The substantially planar contact is achieved, however, this attachment method is prone to cracking, and dust impurities enter and cause the panel to be detached. In addition, some of the panel's back surface is designed with some uneven structure to increase the adhesion, but the adhesion is high. The panels are still difficult to meet the requirements, and the process of some adhesion methods is complicated, resulting in low work efficiency.

In order to solve the above technical problem, the technical solution adopted by the present invention is: an architectural decorative panel comprising a panel body, the panel body comprising an outer decorative surface and an inner attachment surface, wherein the inner attachment surface is arranged in two rows in parallel a fixing hole having a T-shaped cross section, the fixing hole fixing the panel body to the building body by a fixing nail, the fixing nail comprising a tail portion and a connecting portion, and the connection between the tail portion and the connecting portion a finite block is disposed vertically, and the ejecting fixing block is symmetrically disposed on the connecting portion, the ejecting fixing block is spatially parallel to the limiting block, and one end of the ejecting fixing block passes through a side wall of the connecting portion The other end of the ejecting fixing block is fixed on the supporting plate by a first compression spring, the supporting plate is coincident with the symmetry axis of the ejecting fixing block, and the micro-self-locking gas spring is vertically fixedly disposed on the supporting plate. a free end of the micro self-locking gas spring is fixedly connected to a bottom end of the pop-up fixing block, and a button is disposed at one end of the connecting portion opposite to the tail portion, and the inner wall of the button passes the second compression a spring is coupled to the support plate, and the inner wall of the button is vertically disposed with two horizontal columns, the free ends of the two horizontal columns are provided with barbs, and the bottom end of the pop-up fixing block is disposed with the barb a matching groove, the pop-up fixing block is ejected by pressing a button to slide the barb out of the groove, the connecting portion is equal to a minimum diameter of the fixing hole, and the length of the connecting portion is equal to the depth of the fixing hole .

Further, a slide rail is disposed on the pop-up fixing block located inside the connecting portion, and a fixed slider is disposed in the slide rail, and the fixed slider is fixed on the inner wall of the connecting portion.

Further, the first compression spring is always in a compressed state.

Further, the first compression spring is not less than six.