How Should We Maintain A Lightweight Partition Board?

- Dec 27, 2018-

How should we maintain a lightweight partition board?

Lightweight EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel should be properly stacked. No matter what kind of wallboard products, after the demoulding, it is often in the initial setting state of the slurry. At this time, the plate body has a certain strength, but there are still many gaps in the distance to reach the strength of use. Therefore, the wallboard code must be placed. Flat place, otherwise the plate body is prone to deformation, affecting the flatness. The code is generally taken in a palletizing manner. Depending on the product, it is generally possible to stack up to 2-3 meters. In order to facilitate the shipment in the future, it is necessary to place the tray in advance at the bottom of the crucible, to ensure the quality of the tray itself and the flatness of the placement, and to avoid the unevenness of the force and the bending of the lightweight  EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel.

The storage environment should be appropriate. Lightweight wallboards will undergo a period of curing after production, and the curing period is generally not less than 20 days. During the curing stage, there are certain requirements for the temperature and humidity of the storage environment, and it cannot be stored at will. For example, if the temperature of the storage environment is too low, it is difficult for the cement and other slurry to reach the qualified strength, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the entire wallboard; if placed under the scorching sun, the speed of hardening the two sides of the lightweight EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel is inconsistent, resulting in a board. Bending of the surface; in the rainy season, in areas with excessive humidity, it is necessary to extend the curing period properly, so that the lightweight partition board has enough drying time and so on.

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