How about non asbestos fiber cement board ?

- Mar 15, 2019-

  1. It has light weight, high strength, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fireproof, impermeability, anti-aging, anti-vibration, anti-folding, acid and alkali resistance, no radiation, Many functions and features such as energy saving, soil conservation, environmental protection, and waste.

  2. Intuitive induction benefits: the use of lightweight partition board not only can greatly reduce the load of the main layout (it is 1 / 6 - 1 / 8 weight of clay brick), cut the bottom of the reinforced concrete of beams and columns, reduce the total cost of the project And can add the use area of the building. It is the best information for replacing the clay bricks with non-bearing parts of the building. It has been widely used in these years and is a new type of lightweight partition board material recommended by the National Building Materials Bureau and the Ministry of Construction.

  3.  Data composition: The high-strength, high sound insulation, low dryness shortening value, low water absorption rate, low water content and high function enhancement data form the layout of the wall panel from the inside to the outside. Place the core strips that are lightweight, sound-absorbing, heat-insulating, inexpensive, and energy-efficient. For the wallboard, it is based on the strength, dry shrinkage, water absorption and moisture content of the layout body; and the sound insulation function is composed of a bulk density, a good sound insulation function, a lightweight porous, and a heat preservation function. Good core strips work together. Optimizing the data recovery and giving full play to the complementarity between the data makes its advantages better. 

  4. Its environmental protection function is superior: non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, non-radiative, and it is a green building material.

  5. Good plasticity: can be sawed, nailed, planable, slotted, can be posted and other processing functions, the device has an outstanding secondary decoration after the wall, its appearance and the organic and inorganic materials can be excellently connected The paint can be directly painted, wallpapered, and tiled, and the wall surface is flat, waterproof, and decorative. 6. Excellent fire prevention function: The products produced by the company all meet the Class A fire protection specifications and are non-combustible. It can be widely used in the construction of partition walls in shopping malls and entertainment venues.

  6.  Excellent anti-seismic function: The products produced by the company weigh about 30-40kg per square meter, which is the first choice for earthquake-resistant products on campus and shopping malls. 8. Device technology: The device is convenient and dry operation, which greatly shortens the construction period. The uniform surface of a working day is 22-26 square meters, which is 6-7 times of brickwork construction and 3 times of block construction.

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