Light Cement Foam Sandwich Board Features

- Mar 08, 2019-

Container House With Cement Sandwich Panel.jpg

Foamed cement composite board is also called middle body board. This product has the obvious advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, pollution, light weight, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and quick construction. Since it was put on the market, it has been favored by building materials experts. The enthusiasm of many construction companies.

The main components are: roofing panels, grid panels, floor panels, wall panels, profiled panels, etc. The outer ring is made of C-shaped steel as the skeleton, and the auxiliary ribs are added inside. The steel mesh is laid inside the whole plate layer, and the core material is filled with lightweight foamed concrete.

Roof slabs and slabs: mainly used in roof construction of large-span houses, stadiums, factories and warehouses;

Floor board: mainly used in steel structure floor, frame structure floor, and steel beam welding, firmness and integrity.

Wallboard: Mainly used in exterior wall insulation wall construction, interior wall partition board, frame or steel structure wall construction project.