Installation Process Of Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels

- Feb 12, 2019-

Cement Wall Panel For Outer Wall.jpg

First, the construction procedure

1. Clean the structural surface, the ground and the floor, and separate the bullet lines to leave the door and window openings.

2. Install from the side of the main structural surface. If there is a door and window position, install it from both sides of the door and window, leaving the final process of installing the partition wall in the middle, and the width is wider and wider, and installed at the last part.

3. Plumbing electrical equipment should be placed at the line first. Before installing the partition wall board, the embedded parts or switch sockets should be drilled and drilled; when the line trenches need to be cut horizontally, the user should fill the line and embed the line, and then fill the line with the filling material. Ink line.

4, operating temperature: -10 degrees Celsius or more can be installed.

5, the seam processing.

Second, the installation and construction points

1. Check the geometrical dimensions of the partition wall panel to meet the standard requirements.

2. According to the layout, the pre-40×50×90L iron pieces are fixed at the parts to be fixed.

3. According to the layout, install from one side. If there are door and window openings on the partition wall, install them from the door and window openings to the sides. Align the ink line, use the crowbar to try to sway at the bottom, the top end is tight, the edge of the board is tight, the bottom is fastened with a wooden wedge, and the reinforcement is added.

4. When installing, check the flatness, verticality and other related inspection items at any time.

5. The laying of hydropower buried pipes should be carried out simultaneously with the installation of the partition wall panels. When the partition wall surface needs to be opened, it should be drilled before installation, and the opening should not be larger than 80mm×80mm;

The plumbing hangers shall not exceed 80 kg, and the hangers exceeding 80 kg shall be installed on the fixed embedded parts of the partition wall panels.

6, electrical wiring switches, sockets, etc., apply filler padding.

7. After the partition wall panel is installed, the bonding material must be dry to carry out the next process, and it can be decorated for 10-15 days from the date of normal installation.

Third, the component requirements

1. The top end and the bottom of the beam are fixed by U-shaped iron members. The U-shaped iron pieces are fixed on the bottom of the beam with nails, and the upper end is reinforced with wooden wedges and fixed with L-shaped iron pieces.

2, hanging design: hanging spacing should not be less than 300m, single point load should not be greater than 80 kg, you need to first open the embedded parts.

3, electrical design: electrical circuit can be used as a dark line design, using the partition wall hole to wear the hose laying line; can also be used as the open line design, applied to the wall, open socket and its corresponding configuration.

4, moisture-proof and waterproof: the design of the veneer should be considered moisture-proof and waterproof. When designing the pool, water tank, basin and other accessories along the wall, the wall should be painted with waterproof coating or waterproofing design such as tiling.

5, wall decoration: can be scraped white, spray porcelain, tiling and other decorative materials for decoration. When the next process is renovated, the wall surface of the partition wall is cleaned first, sprinkled with water, and decorated according to the conventional construction process.

Fourth, the installation quality requirements

The surface of the installed partition wall shall not be peeled, dropped, hollowed and cracked. According to the plane of each wall, the intermediate plastering of the building shall be achieved.