How To Make Rockwool Panels?

- Dec 14, 2018-

Aluminium Composite Panel

Composite panel  The machine automatically fills the feedstock and coke to the top inlet of the cupola, and then the objects melt, exiting the bottom of the blast furnace and entering the cyclone. A small amount of binder and oil is added to the cyclone spinning machine, and the molten object generates filamentary fibers. The filamentary fibers are then spun into cotton, and the resulting cotton is concentrated by a conveyor belt through a roller. These cotton products are first adjusted for structure and density before entering the curing oven. The product has unique properties after the adhesive has cured.

These cured dibond  products are then cut using a sawing machine, packaged using packaging equipment, or specially treated using off-line equipment.

Aluminum panels Exhaust gases from the blast furnace, spinning machine, and curing chamber are filtered through a filter, then burned, and finally discharged through the stack. Waste generated during the production process will be recycled