How To Install Laminate?

- Dec 26, 2018-

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When the indoor area is limited, more and more people begin to use the wall space. For example, you can clearly see that many people have a variety of items on the wall of their homes, which can play the role of receiving and other functions. Interior cladding panels  is also placed indoors in the wall decoration, receiving materials, it can be directly installed on the wall to bring good results, but many people are not so familiar with the installation steps of wall decoration, worry about their installation errors but bring trouble. Here are the installation steps for you.

Installation step 1 of wall decorative wall panels , first use horizontal scale level. 2. Mark and punch holes on the wall according to the hole position of the iron bracket. 3. Align the iron bracket to the hole position of the drill hole and screw in to fix it. 4. Insert the laminate into the iron bracket and tighten the screw under the laminate. Construction Tip: The level must be painted well to avoid skewing. Three kinds of interior cladding installation methods wall-mounted wall laminate bookshelf is a relatively simple and common type. Firstly, the distance between the diameters of the two holes of the bookshelf partition is measured and marked on the wall, the expansion pipe is installed by drilling holes, and the screw is screwed properly. Wall-mounted wall panel bookshelf in order to prevent knocking and other dangerous situations, the design is very humane, double rounded corner design to prevent you from being hurt. With the development of modern home decoration, the installation method of modern style wall panel bookshelf is very popular among young people. Its installation method is more complicated than wall hanging type. Firstly, the screw of each board is assembled well, the distance between two holes is measured, the mark is made on the wall surface, and the expansion screw pipe is punched into the hole just punched by electric drill, which is even with the wall surface. At the same time, the screw is screwed onto the expansion pipe, leaving the screw head about 5 mm for easy hanging on the wall; finally, it can be hung on the wall, which needs to be noted. This means that there is a difference between the top and bottom of the buckle. Installation method of one-character wall laminate bookshelf Installation of one-character wall laminate bookshelf needs to use a level meter to measure the horizontal position height, put the iron armor on the wall vertically and mark it well. Then punch a hole of about 6mm-8mm, punch the plastic pipe into the hole, and finally let the iron pipe align with the expansion pipe, tighten the screw, and put the board on it. The installation steps of the wall decorative laminates are as follows. When you want to install the laminates on the wall, it is suggested that you consider the methods described in the article. According to the differences of the actual products and functions of the laminates, the installation methods will be different. When the laminates are installed on the wall, the most important thing is the firmness. Once it falls down, it may hurt people or cause damage to other things in the home. The consequences are relatively large. When it is installed, it must be able to firmly and well.