How To Install Eps Panels?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Interior Cladding Panels


Speaking of the technology of building passive houses using interior cladding panels, today we continue to take some practical examples to explain, of course, some excellent foreign cases. At present, China is still in the exploration stage. I believe that more and more vivid cases can be unveiled in the future. .

The general process is to first tie the steel bars and then build the decorative wall panels. The concrete mixing is started every three layers. During the construction of the interior cladding , the process is very simple. Some support is set on the inner side to contact the ground. Consider the setting of the waterproof layer and reserve a hole for the door and window. The use of EPS modules to build passive low-energy houses is relatively cheap, simple in technology, and popular in China. We will share nearly 200 domestic and international cases in the near future, so that everyone can get in touch with this building technology. I believe more friends are interested in it. Of course, EPS module building is not a real passive house. Passive house is a systematic project. You should also consider the control of energy-saving doors and windows, fresh air system and overall air tightness of the building. If you really want to build a qualified passive house, you can look for our cooperation. As the leading EPS module passive room consulting company in China, we can help you complete a complete set of integrated building products.